Pure Drinking Water

Polk City Expert Brings Pure Drinking Water to Residents and Business Owners

Remove contaminants from hard water with Reverse Osmosis Water Purification system


Polk City IA – The water filtration specialist with Iowa Soft Water brings pure drinking water to area homes and businesses. Their reverse osmosis water purification system is the perfect solution for families who are concerned with the water quality in their home. The cost of bottled water can be cost prohibitive to large families where a reverse osmosis system allows pure drinking water to flow right from the kitchen tap.

The local pure drinking water expert describes hard water as being very hard to clean with. Excessive calcium and magnesium form a scale that is tough to remove from porcelain, utensils and even clothes, hair and skin. It is also the source of bad taste and odor in tap water.

One solution is to buy bottled water, but this can be very expensive and inconvenient. A reverse osmosis system provides an easier and more cost-effective way to enjoy an abundance of pure drinking water straight from the kitchen faucet. Many homeowners have been pleased to discover how affordable a reverse osmosis drinking water system is.

Iowa Soft Water (http://www.iasoftwater.com) offers a great rent-to-own program where they install the reverse osmosis system free. All the customer pays is the low monthly rental fee with the first three months being free.

As a full service water conditioning company, Iowa Soft Water has a wide range of customers, both residential and commercial. Enjoy everyday competitive pricing, one year interest free rent-to-own program, and a 5-year warranty on all parts and labor. Rental rates are never increased and the customer can enjoy an automatic salt delivery program as well.

Iowa Soft Water makes pure drinking water affordable for everyone. The company offers a wide range of water treatment products including water softeners and reverse osmosis systems for homes and businesses.

Iowa Soft Water is family owned and operated and has been serving Iowa residents and business owners for over 40 years. Owner, TJ Riley, brings quality products, personally tested with a high level of customer service with that home-town, Mid-West feel. Visit http://www.watersoftenerpolkcityia.com/ to learn more.

About Iowa Soft Water:
Iowa Soft Water offers a wide range of water treatment products including reverse osmosis water filter systems and home water softeners. They provide free water assessments and consultations for homes and businesses. Iowa Soft Water is a registered Hellenbrand dealer and member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Water Quality Association. They have been welcome guests, exhibiting their products at the Iowa State Fair and Des Moines Home and Garden Show.

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